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Ready to transform not only your body, but your mindset and emotional self? Pilates is so much more than a workout, it’s about understanding the why behind your body mechanics, and meeting yourself daily for greater understanding and awareness – so you are living your best life with energy, vitality, and health.

Pilates for Dancers

(and everyone)

I specialize in providing customized Pilates sessions for dancers, specifically young children. I have over 2 decades of dance experience which allows me to deeply understand the anatomy of dancers and their specific body mechanics. Together we build strength and power, while increasing flexibility and mobility, and harnessing technique and precision. Not a dancer? No problem! I work with a variety of clientele and all are welcome.

Blending Dance & Pilates for Strength

Pilates is not, nor has it ever been, a simple “workout’ for me. It is so much more than that. Especially when working with younger children, it’s an amazing opportunity to simultaneously build strength and muscle, but to really focus on correct technique and form, as well as body awareness. I work with each individual student to help them listen to their body, to be able to recognize when pain and fatigue are setting in. This allows them to stop before a serious injury occurs and make adjustments. This is so important for the long-term health of dancers.

Various Session Options for students

Each individual student is diverse, so I offer multiple options of session types, which can be primarily booked every weekend. I offer one-on-one private sessions at a variety of Pilates studios around the Valley, utilizing the full range of Pilates equipment which is typically not an option at dance studios. I also offer duets, trios, and quads sessions, for those that want to come with friends or studio mates or introduce Pilates to someone new! Group sessions are just as effective as my one-on-one’s.

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Pilates to Pirouettes

Session Options



I work individually, one-on-one with the student. Some of the things we may work on during this session would be injury prevention or working through a current injury. We might also ask the question if there is a dance element the student is struggling with and why? And for a dance solo, are there any tricks they want to work on and see long-term improvement? After any specific requests, we of course work on strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Overall, for the group sessions, there is a lot of flexibility I provide in the group setting. We can work on technique, see what the students have been working on each month, see where the dance instructor is taking the students, and where to focus their bodies for the day. If there isn’t anything specific, we will work the entire body.

Duets: 2 students per session


Trios: 3 students per session


Quads: 4 students per session



Please note that I do offer online private one-on-one sessions if that is desired



Not to mention any names, but…




“I can’t say enough good things about Pilates to Pirouettes and the changes I’ve seen in my dancer because of Brenna. Not only does she know her craft inside and out, but she truly wants to see each dancer reach their full potential. Pilates to Pirouettes has helped my dancer achieve things she never thought were possible.”



“Brenna has changed my body structure! I suffer from a herniated disk, stand on my feet for hours at a time for work, and she has trained my body to hold a better shape to keep my joints feeling their best! I have the best time while she is training me and it feels more like fun girl time as opposed to a work out. I love Brenna, all she stands for , and the hard work she puts into each client!”



Becoming a pilates to pirouettes client

Schedule your first session

The first step is to click the button below and book a session time with me. You will be directed to my online calendar where you can choose the best option for you or your dancer!

Make your initial payment Deposit

After booking your session, you will need to make an initial payment deposit of $25. This is for all sessions and will not be refunded if you cancel. This confirms the session and the rest of the final payment will be due on the day of your session.

Your first in-studio session

Regardless of whether you book an individual or group session, the first session will be a combination of a consult and then physical movement.  Because it’s our first time working together, we will go through COVID safety protocols, a walk-through of the equipment, and any questions/concerns/target areas you wish to discuss before we begin.


30 minute private (in-person/online): $38


50 minute private: $75


50 minute duet: $86


50 minute trio: $105


50 minute quad: $120


At Home/In Class Group Mat Pilates: contact for pricing



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